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New Sofa!

Just thought I’d post a nice pic of mine and Lizzie’s new sofa. Both quite excited!

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Party Time


So here’s a few photos from my ‘O for Owen’ party in February. Some great efforts all round!Particular highlights include the following awards!
- Oxo girls (Kate, Katie and Rachel) – Cleverest effort. Thinking outside ‘the box’!
- Osama Bin Laden (Rob) – Funniest effort! Rob depicted the version of Bin Laden from Family Guy, complete with comedy glasses and rubber chicken!
- Ophelia (KT Van Santen) – Most effort! Katie made her medieval style dress from scratch with no pattern or experience! Amazing!
- Otto & an Oscar (Steve & Rebecca Campion) – Most Daring! This award is shared between the Campions, for Rebecca’s appearance in a gold lamé catsuit and Steve who shaved off his fine beard and painted himself yellow!
- Phantom of the OPERA (Steve Coffey) – Most versatile! When he removed his mask, he became ‘Double O Seven’! ;)
- Orinoko (David Patterson) – Most, um, furry?! Brilliant Womble costume!
- Old Greg (Ross) – Most crazy! The Mighty Boosh character freaked everyone out plenty!

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