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Logo love


I’ve just found the most amazing logo! I know loving logos is exceptionally nerdy (and probably banned in several small Eastern European countries) but I don’t care – I love this logo.

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Everything Has its Point

Here’s my latest illustration for Illustrated Song Titles.

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Jokers, paving slabs and good run rates

Y’know when you have a good weekend? Not just a, “can’t remember what I did but it was pretty good” weekend, but a weekend where you feel you achieved something, had some fun and spent a good deal of your time outside in the sunshine? Well I was fortunate enough to have enjoyed one of those this very weekend!

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Rayner Summer 2008 Campaign

The photoshoot for the Summer POS campaign for Rayner revolved around beach huts, glamourous girls, bright colours, sun, sand, shells and sunglasses!

Offers, slogans and logos were designed as graphics in the style of beach signwriting and realistically retouched onto the backgrounds.

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Getting old???

bad music 

A friend of mine turned 30 last week. Nothing wrong with that. Just, he got a mug for his birthday.

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