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Software Company Identity

I was approached by Pieces&Bits, a software company in Winchester, to develop a logo and visual identity for them. They were delighted with the final result which you can see here and on their website

Pieces & Bits logo design

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End of an era

Q: How many Baptists does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: “CHANGE?????”

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PS Type


I came across the font Quatro by talented designer Mark Caneso earlier in 2009. Initially a free ‘test run’, now released commercially through Mark’s own PS Type foundry. I also love his other fonts, especially Runda and the geometric Turiya. If you want some gorgeous yet practical original fonts, check PS Type out at the link below.

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Been working on the Mutual Ideas Christmas e-card to go out to our clients again this year. Here’s a sneak preview…

Check out Mutual’s website here.

Please note that Mutual Ideas reserve the rights to this artwork.


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Before the Roars

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