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Is Google taking over the Internet?

Google screen, taking over

This is, frankly, ridiculous! We all know that ‘google’ has pretty much become a verb (ie. To google something, is to search for it online). In reality, we all use Google as our primary search engine, unthinkingly and by default, probably without even contemplating any alternatives.

Recently Microsoft launched their competitor to Google, Bing. Bing, eh? Brilliant. “If Google can make up a word which becomes a household name, why can’t we?” Bing. Yeah, no thanks.

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Kitted out

90s football kits

It’s funny how people fall in love with their vocation.

For me it was football kits. As a young lad I was obsessed with the various designs on display, particularly in the Premier League as it became established. I don’t know if you’re familiar with some of the classic kits of the last 20 years but believe me, there were some near legendary ones and plenty of disastrous wrecks as well (on reflection, mostly just the latter!).

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Setting out my stall…

Today I took one of my remaining days of leave from my soon-to-be ending job at Fuel Communications in order to (a) relax and chill out a bit after a manic few weeks; and (b) to start getting used to working from home and make some positive steps to starting up my business.

So with (a) in mind, I managed to get up a little slower than usual! No need to rush into the office by 9, so I took it easy and started my planning around 9.30/10am. Man that felt good!

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Black Dog ROCKS!

Black Dog web design

As a fan of all things rock, being asked to design a website for a merchandise store who specialise in apparel and accessories relating to metal, punk, ska and rock ‘n roll music was a fantastic opportunity for me.

I was able to really get a grip on the raw graphic style that was required, and thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with contrasting textures.

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