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Alphablog: B is for Blogs

Since it’s inception in the late 90s, the trend of blogging has become a worldwide phenomenon, and a hugely valuable tool in many situations, both corporate and personal. To start with, blogs offered individuals the chance to write and publish their thoughts in a diary that could be read and followed across the globe. They have subsequently grown and diversified to become, in effect, magazines, corporate brochures, inspiration walls and even daily news feeds.

For graphic designers specifically, both owning and following blogs can be really beneficial. Owning and writing for blogs is generally recommended as a tool to improve your web presence, and encourages research, writing and evaluative skills which can also be beneficial to your client (and other creative) work.

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Raising my game

I cannot pretend that it has been easy. I had thought that all I worked hard to get my head around during my Graphic Design degree was behind me, maybe even a little irrelevant ever since I graduated and went into jobs where, with all due respect, creativity often took a back seat unless it could be incorporated into the hour or two budgeted for a job.

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Alphablog: A is for Album Covers

As a musician and music lover as well as a designer, I decided that my first ‘Alphablog’ article would pay tribute to the artwork of my favourite album covers. A while ago I posted a blog on my top ten rock and metal band logos (see the articles here and here) and this article will follow a similar vein, with my top ten rock/metal album covers.

I’m sure I’m not alone in having been massively influenced by the designs displayed on the CDs I listen to; I am yet to be sold on the mp3 revolution, preferring the tactile piece of artwork in my hands with the CD. And I’m sure that a huge number of today’s working designers were originally inspired to take up their profession with the intention of working on record sleeves every day! Unfortunately it doesn’t always work out like that but that doesn’t stop us dreaming.

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Alphablog: an introduction.

So a new year is upon us and it’s nearly time to launch something I’ve been planning for a couple of months now.

The concept of the Alphablog series is to run through the alphabet and cover a variety of different design related themes beginning with each letter. Each article will feature a ‘top ten’ list relating to the theme and will include opinions and analyses which will hopefully be of interest to creatives, clients and everyone else besides! Of course, there will be opportunity to comment or respond with your thoughts or suggestions, and I’m hoping to enlist some help from special guest posters within the series!

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Competition prize!

Firstly it’s my pleasure to wish you a very happy new year. I hope you have had a good Christmas and are enjoying a fresh start to 2011.

You may have noticed I ran a competition throughout November last year to win the chance to commission a painting as a Christmas present, and that Neil Stevens of Plymouth won the prize.

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