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Alphablog: F is for Font Websites

I long for more opportunities to buy fonts. I can honestly find myself spending hours browsing and perusing the internet and its vast ocean of sites dedicated to providing fonts of all specifications, forms and prices.

In all honesty, so far in my career I haven’t found I can really afford to invest in fonts as much as I’d like, but it’s not for lack of interest. As a graphic designer I believe that one of my main responsibilities is to appropriately apply typography to communicate a client’s message. Choosing the correct font is much more than scanning the fonts that come with my mac or others that I’ve accumulated over the years – if I can include font purchase within the budget of a job I will always try to do so.

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Alphablog: E is for England Kits

Following on from the previous Alphablog, a fairly serious and pragmatic post about what to put in a design brief, I thought a more jovial, even tongue-in-cheek article would bring a slight change of pace. It might even raise a smile and a memory for any other frustrated and nostalgic English football fans. This week, the subject is ‘England football kits’.

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Ken Taylor

Just stumbled upon the work of Australian illustrator/designer Ken Taylor.

You’d be well advised to do so too! Some excellent poster/album artworks including this beauty for Bob Dylan. Perfect balance of type and illustration. Love it.

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