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Alphablog: K is for Kids Books

By guest poster Miriam Latimer

K is for Kids Books by Miriam Latimer

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Alphablog: J is for Jelly Jazz

Jelly Jazz flyers

As a student in Plymouth between 1999 and 2002 a major night out for my friends and I was a regular Wednesday night at the Quay Club at the Barbican.

The music defined the evening; revellers danced the night away to a blend of jazz, soul and funk at the self proclaimed ‘funkiest club South of the North Pole’. That club was the now legendary Jelly Jazz.

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Book Review: Just My Type

Just My Type cover

With its beautifully tactile dust jacket, Just My Type is a delight to pick up and behold, let alone read!

Written by Simon Garfield as a thesis on the history and future of typography it delves into the origins of fonts, from Gutenberg’s 15th century metal punches, through the alphabets of Caslon and Baskerville and all the way through to Gotham – the presidential choice of the 21st century.

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Alphablog: I is for Illustrated Type

For me one of the most inspirational aspects of design is the union of typography and illustration.

From hand rendered calligraphy to visual onomatopoeia where the type takes on the appearance of the words it portrays, there are many different techniques, styles and examples to paw over and narrowing down to a top ten was no mean feat!

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