I recently had the privilege of offering a short talk to a group of design and media students on the subject of freelancing.

It began with a phone call from Theo Moule, founder of the Entrepreneur Society at Plymouth University, explaining that they had an event coming up and they needed someone to share their experience of being a freelance designer to a group of enthusiastic students from the University.

Of course I was delighted to oblige, offering a 25minute talk on 10 lessons I’ve had to learn as a ‘freelancer’ (I have a small issue with the term ‘freelancing’ but I’ll explain more about that another day!) with some time for questions afterwards and the feedback Theo received after the event from those attending was very positive.

My talk was based quite heavily on a blog post I posted about a year ago – take a look at that post here if you like.

If you’re interested, feel free to browse the PDF of the keynote slides here.

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