I was delighted to find out recently that five of my logo designs had made it into another internationally published design book.

Design:Logo compiles over 1500 logos from a wide range of designers and agencies from around the world, along with essays and reviews to give a variety of interesting insights into some of the designs.

My logos for Hulu, Katalistik and AYR were among the selected submissions along with a tattoo design for a private client and, most touchingly, the custom lettering I designed for my daughter’s birth announcement/thank you card!

Katalistik logo Design: Logo
AYR logo Design: Logo
Hulu logo Design: Logo
Tattoo logo Design: Logo
Rosie logo Design: Logo

Thanks to Von Glitschka and Paul Howalt (the curators and highly acclaimed designers themselves) and Rockport Publishing. A great honour and lovely surprise in time for Christmas.

OJD Popup-02