Not only are these illustrations vibrant and beautifully stylised, they also form a highly creative concept by Tom Anders Watkins to add never-before seen levels of interaction between a retailer and their customers.


A response to the prestigious D&AD New Blood awards, Tom’s idea was to create a series of illustrations that represented various parts, ingredients and associations with the products created and sold by The Body Shop so that they could be taken apart and put back together in a myriad of different formats.

A customer, when they had made a purchase, would be given a unique code that, when scanned into their phone, would use the items bought to inspire an original and bespoke piece of artwork that could be shared online.


I love the idea – a really nice personal touch that I think Body Shop customers would really respond to. And the illustrations are top notch as well. Wouldn’t it be great!

Check out Tom's project with a couple more images including a nice animated version at the link below on Behance.

Tom Anders Watkins on Behance.

OJD Popup-02