Seeing small businesses really grasp the benefit of good design, embrace it and take pride in its impact is a key part of why I do what I do.

I was delighted to attend the website launch event for Man for all Seasons recently where proprietor Luke Foster brought together friends, family, suppliers and customers to celebrate the release of the new, responsive site I had designed and managed.

It was a great turnout and one of the company’s prominent clients delivered a rousing and touching speech, praising Luke’s skill and ambition in driving Man for all Seasons to this point, simultaneously announcing news of another new contract Luke had been awarded that day (unbeknownst to him).



The room was decked out in coloured balloons, banners and posters all showing the work Owen Jones Design had created, giving Man for all Seasons a vibrant and individual identity that helps them stand out above their competitors. As I considered the situation it struck me again, Luke’s bravery and boldness to invest in such a way.

As I considered the situation it struck me again, Luke’s bravery and boldness to invest in such a way.

As a gardener, he competes in a market that generally doesn’t consider design as such an important part of their business. I’m delighted that I have been able to partner with Man for all Seasons, guiding and advising Luke about the value of what he’s investing in, and even more delighted to see him reaping the benefits already. The glow on his face showed how proud of his business he is and how excited he is to show it off to the world.


Gardener for hire

Do take a look at the new Man for all Seasons website here and if you are looking for a gardener, designer or landscaper for your garden or commercial grounds, don’t hesitate to drop them a line.

Huge thanks to Elixel for the web development, Celia Anderson of Siblinc for the copy and Meg’s Photos for the spectacular imagery (including the launch event shots shown here) – a great team to work with.


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