In the previous instalment of this series (Be recognisable) I discussed how important it is to be brave enough to stand out from the crowd.

Trust is often a byproduct of recognition.

Given the choice, most consumers and businesses will buy what they recognise ahead of unfamiliar alternatives. Sometimes this may be a small, instinctive advantage at the point of purchase. Other times companies design and maintain their brands in a way that instils deep loyalty and almost a tribal sense of belonging.

…most consumers and businesses will buy what they recognise

It’s probably obvious when we stop to think about it. Why risk trying a completely unknown company when you could put your faith in one you recognise?

So is there something about your design that doesn’t inspire confidence in what you’re offering? Maybe it is tired, unclear, inconsistent or simply not very well considered. You might look at it and be honest enough to admit that it was produced on a shoestring and it’s starting to show. If so, recognition might not be leading to trust in a way it could be.

Don’t feel bad – it’s not just you! But it is an excellent opportunity to improve, invest and add huge value.

A brand is a promise. It says: ‘This is us. We can solve your problem/improve your life in some way. Trust us.’. Investing in making sure your identity is accurately introducing you to people and building recognition is an exercise in building trust with future (and current) customers.

A brand is a promise…

No amount of wonderful design can mask a bad business and no amount of clever wording can make your brand successful if the product or service is poor or struggling with other aspects. But as long as your business is authentic, honest and able to walk the walk as well as talk the talk, strengthening perception of your brand can only be a good thing.

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