Since 2014 I’ve been developing a close relationship with the students studying Graphic Design at Plymouth University.

They’re a talented bunch and I’ve been glad to be able to call in their services as interns to help me cover excess workloads as well as giving them valuable industry experience (and a bit of money in their account too).

One student I’ve used more than most is Adam and, as a semi-regular-fixture in the studio I thought it’d be rude not to introduce you to him!

About You

Adam Holland

Where are you from?
Folkestone, Kent

What is your current situation?
Third year Graphic Communication with Typography student,
Design Society Chairman, OJD Intern Numero Uno

What is your favourite aspect of design?
Branding and Identity

How did you hear about Owen Jones Design?
Design Society guest lecture

What kinds of projects have you worked on with Owen Jones?
Macmillan, Alliance PT, various small pieces of other projects

In an ideal world, where would you be in 5 years time?
Toronto, working at BelieveIn or Blok

While working at OJD, what’s the best thing you’ve learnt or skill you’ve gained?
The value of design

What was the last design project you liked on Behance and why?
BB. Perfume Typeface by Ludvig Bruneau Rossow
Because I thought it was quite an attractive mono-space typeface, a style of which I’m not normally a fan.

Complete the following in your own words

Design is… Life.
If I was a flavour of ice cream I’d be… Vanilla, but that expensive, premium vanilla, not the cheap stuff.
If I wasn’t a designer I’d be… Pretty screwed

 Quickfire quiz          

Tea or coffee? Coffee
Saul Bass or Paul Rand? Rand
Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign? InDesign
Facebook or Twitter? Instagram
KFC or Burger King? KFC
Book or Film? Film
Summer or Winter? Winter
Flying or Invisibility? Flying

What is your…

…favourite sandwich? Roast Chicken and Stuffing
…favourite Design book? The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst
…favourite Colour? Black
…favourite Film? All the Star Wars (except the prequels)
…favourite place you have visited? Venice
…favourite Olympics Identity? Mexico 68
…favourite band/singer? Alexisonfire/Dallas Green
…favourite TV programme? Sons of Anarchy

I hope you enjoyed meeting Adam – keep your eyes peeled for more interviews!

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