Introducing Rosie

Rosie type zoom

Nine weeks ago I became a very proud first time father.

Little Rosie lights up my life and I wanted to introduce her to friends and family with a bright and eye catching card with a dual function of birth announcement and thank you card.

Rosie sketches
Rosie type

Even in the hospital in the days following the birth I was there scribbling down ideas on a sketchbook! We had a number of them printed and they came out really well. Now to find time to send them out…!

Rosie front of card
Rosie zoom 2
Rosie card front and inside

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  • Anji King

    Just lovely, love the halftone screen effects. :)

  • Owen Jones

    Yeah, found a great vector halftone plugin!

  • Stuart

    Congratulations on you rlittle one Owen.
    Excellent work on the design work above it is inspirational and you have done your little Rosie proud…so i am sure she will return the thanks with plenty of early wake up calls for time to come.

  • Owen Jones

    Cheers Stuart! Glad you like it. Yeah I’m quite sure she’ll find some way to repay me – nappies seem her weapon of choice at the moment!