Monogram Tattoo

Having designed a commemorative tattoo for Anna in 2010 I was recently approached to design something of similar style for another American client.

Taylor Monogram Tattoo

Taylor emailed me saying he’d come across my work online and wanted me to design him a tattoo to mark the occasion of his daughter’s birth. Using his daughter’s initials A & S I created a distinctive monogram which could be mirrored into a full tattoo design.

Monogram Tattoo sketches
Monogram Tattoo sketch
Monogram Tattoo single version
Monogram Tattoo double version
Monogram Tattoo full version
Final Tattoo for Taylor

Following the work Taylor was full of praise, saying “I contacted Owen after performing an internet search for custom monogram tattoos.  Despite the time difference Owen responded quickly to my email.  After describing what I wanted I was quoted a competitive estimate and given a timeline for completion of the project.  Owen did a great job and delivered a great design on schedule and at the quoted estimate.  I would definitely recommend his services.”

I took great encouragement from the fact that not only was Taylor obviously delighted with the work and service, his wife also liked it enough to get a version tattooed herself!

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  • Anji King

    Really great stuff Owen! I love the subtlety and elegance of the tattoo designs you have come up with.

  • Owen Jones

    Cheers Anji – glad you like. They’re fun little jobs to work on!

  • Owen Jones


    I am currently away from my office on holiday (with internet access).

    I will be back and responding to emails on Thursday 12th April. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    For urgent matters please feel free to call my mobile on +44 (0)7772 560036 and leave a message on my voicemail.

    Owen Jones