New Year’s Resolutions…


The vast majority of 2009 was excellent for me. Married life continued to get better and better. The house began to really take shape, complete with pet kittens Bailey and Boosh. Lizzie and I got back into playing in the music groups at church. And of course, I was offered my new job at Fuel.

It wasn’t a new year’s resolution as such but was in real need of a refresh in terms of branding and usability, and in the Summer the new site was launched with new business cards and media packs sent out to promote the launch and hunt for new freelance work. One result of the launch was a feature on popular design blog Dirty Mouse (Link to Dirty Mouse here) – something I was really chuffed about.

And of course, I’ve had chance to work on some great design projects including branding for Chennai Challenge, Graceworks and Pieces&Bits, album artwork for Solutions and a few wedding invitations along the way.

But when it came to music and films, two things I’ve always enjoyed indulging in, I’ve been little short of abysmal.

I realised that I’ve not bought a single new album for myself in 2009 (I purchased Metallica’s Death Magnetic and Trivium’s Shogun, but these were 2008 releases). As I hang my head in shame I’m forced to consider that I’m losing touch, but thankfully Father Christmas brought the new releases from Muse and Biffy Clyro this year, partially saving my blushes. Biffy’s album Only Revolutions has produced one of my singles of the year though, in the form of That Golden Rule which I would say contains one of the most epic rock riffs ever! I need to give the album a few more listens but it’s sounding like a good ‘un.

I’ve also been pathetic when it comes to live music. Admittedly down here in Plymouth, it’s a long way up to London or Birmingham (or most places with a thriving music scene), but the scene is improving and I’ve struggled to keep up! Since seeing Surrey based funk/comedy/metal/rockers Instill at the Hub March, my actual ONLY gig this year was bleddy Britney Spears at the O2 arena with Lizzie! Any reputation I had is in tatters.

Upon leaving my job at Mutual Ideas in December, I was given a most generous gift by everyone there who chipped in to give me enough money to buy a ticket to Download 2010! Thanks guys, that will help a lot – can’t wait!!

Film-wise I’ve been marginally better, but only marginally. Probably five trips to the cinema, which isn’t bad for me. I’ve seen Wolverine (awesome), Transformers 2 (pretty good), Harry Potter (very good), New Moon (secret Twilight fan, there goes the tatters I had left of that reputation!), and Zombieland (AWESOME) but missed out on acclaimed greats such as Star Trek, Terminator 4, Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, Defiance, Valkyrie, Inglourious Basterds, The Hangover, Watchmen… and plenty more I am sure. All of the above are on DVD now and if anyone is feeling generous, feel free to buy them for me for my Birthday in February!

So in conclusion, I need to pay more attention. I feel genuinely aggrieved that I’ve let this slip so badly, and really need to catch up! Here’s to 2010, hopefully Download Festival, more album purchases and less excuses. We’ll see…

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