Sasha Harding

Sasha Harding 1

During my recent holiday in Cornwall I had the pleasure of wandering around Fowey, a lovely little harbour town full of little independent/boutique shops and art galleries.

I often find that I become massively inspired when visiting these kinds of little galleries, seeing the creativity and variety of the artwork displayed, but I had a particularly inspiring moment – love at first sight, really – in one of Fowey’s galleries.

The artwork was by an artist called Sasha Harding and the muted blue and turquoise palettes immediately caught my eye, and heart! Simplistic (almost cartoon-y) characters are captured in typical beachside activities – running along the sand, rockpooling, fixing fishing nets and wading out for a swim.

Here’s some examples of Sasha’s work, taken from her website.

Sasha Harding Run
Sasha Harding Rock Pool
Sasha Harding Running dogs
Sasha Harding Shrimpers
Sasha Harding driving to the sea, surf board and dog
Sasha Harding fishing off the rocks
Sasha Harding Durdle Door dip

In talking to the owner of the gallery we were told that of the 25 paintings originally in the exhibition, 22 had sold before it had even begun! The artist even took some paintings from her own wall at home to bulk up the display!

The art is beautiful and if I could afford to I’d love to have been able to invest in a piece for our baby room.

Again, here’s her website, check out her other archive work – it’s great!

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