What About Your Saucepans?

What About Your Saucepans – 3D book mockup

Secrets of a Financial Adviser

Secrets of a Financial Adviser book

Writing as an expert in all things financial, and with a passion to see young people given more opportunities to prepare for the reality of growing up, author Helen West poured out her vast knowledge into creating the friendly and informative book ‘Secrets of a Financial Adviser’.

Secrets of a Financial Adviser book covers

Artistic, Creative, Energetic Goodness!

aceg logo

Providing a new style of creativity-led music education to young people in Sheffield and beyond, ACEG are a forward thinking and ambitious young business with a real passion for their work.

I was approached to continue developing their branding, adding some very small tweaks to their logo and providing a dynamic brand image that would give ACEG a visual foundation on which to grow.