Debt Advice Branding

Stemming from the Crowded House church in Sheffield, Graceworks is a community project with charity status, aiming to provide for local people in need.

Initially focussing on providing free debt advice (with training and backing from external organisations), other directions may be offered in the future, including justice and mediation services.

I was asked to design a logo for the charity, but due to the fact other services (not necessarily financial ones) might be offered in the future, I was asked to ensure the logo wasn’t debt specific.

Graceworks symbols
Full Graceworks logo design

The result showed a figure in a celebratory pose, focusing on community and positivity, with the letter ‘g’ appearing in the negative space.

To view this project on Behance, please click here.

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  • Anji King

    I love this logo design Owen, it works on so many levels.

  • Owen Jones

    Cheers Anj! Gotta admit I really like this one!