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Lettering Artists 2

Lettering artists part 2

Following the success of the previous article on lettering artists I thought Iā€™d continue the search and follow up with some more eye-candy!

So here are some more lettering artists and designers who have inspired me recently and you should keep an eye open for.

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Lettering Artists

Lettering heading

Lettering design is a skill I really admire and envy.

Calligraphic flow, typographic knowledge and creative artistry all go hand in hand, creating balanced, beautiful artwork for logos, illustration, apparel and loads of other end uses.

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Sasha Harding

Sasha Harding 1

During my recent holiday in Cornwall I had the pleasure of wandering around Fowey, a lovely little harbour town full of little independent/boutique shops and art galleries.

I often find that I become massively inspired when visiting these kinds of little galleries, seeing the creativity and variety of the artwork displayed, but I had a particularly inspiring moment ā€“ love at first sight, really ā€“ in one of Fowey’s galleries.

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