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Lettering Artists 2

Lettering artists part 2

Following the success of the previous article on lettering artists I thought I’d continue the search and follow up with some more eye-candy!

So here are some more lettering artists and designers who have inspired me recently and you should keep an eye open for.

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Funky Food Lettering

To mix design and food is to combine two of my favourite things!

Check out Danielle Evans’ amazing lettering designs that blend beautiful typography, evocative words and appropriately fiddly mediums!

I have no idea how anyone has the patience to create such works.

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Lettering Artists

Lettering heading

Lettering design is a skill I really admire and envy.

Calligraphic flow, typographic knowledge and creative artistry all go hand in hand, creating balanced, beautiful artwork for logos, illustration, apparel and loads of other end uses.

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Introducing Rosie

Rosie type zoom

Nine weeks ago I became a very proud first time father.

Little Rosie lights up my life and I wanted to introduce her to friends and family with a bright and eye catching card with a dual function of birth announcement and thank you card.

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Alphablog Overview

Alphablog header

So 2012 is well underway now. A quarter of the way in already, in fact.

It seems like a good opportunity to remember the shenanigans of the previous year and look back on the Alphablog series I wrote throughout the year.

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