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The acronym represents a musical term (the four notes on the bass clef are often remembered using the mnemonic ‘All Cows Eat Grass’) but ACEG are a young, dynamic Sheffield-based company striving to change the way children learn.

With a focus on creativity and individuality, music plays a key role in the company’s mentality and their approach is gaining more and more plaudits as parents and education authorities are looking for alternatives to the standard curriculum.


Having already had a logo designed by a local agency, the company tasked me to create a range of dynamic applications that could help the identity come to life across a range of digital and printed media.

In particular the designs needed to capture the vibrancy and flexibility of the company’s approach and the enjoyment of the learning process.


Using a combination of energetic photography, geometric shapes from the logo and splashes of paint, colourful layered imagery was created and applied to the company website and promotional materials.

A great opportunity to go beyond standard photography-based aesthetics – the results are bold, eye-catching and full of character.

I also advised using a copywriter to create lively headlines in a mnemonic format that further strengthened the name and opened up different aspects of ACEG's business.

...the results are bold, eye-catching and full of character.


  • Brand consultation
  • Campaign graphics

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