Hey, let’s play

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The Design Society, a student led organisation within Plymouth University, arranged for Barcelona's Hey Studio to visit the City in 2015 as guest lecturers. To celebrate the event they put on an exhibition of poster designs created by students and professionals (including letterpress legend Alan Kitching, London's Pearlfisher and several other high quality designers) which had to conform to a very simple brief: the letters H-E-Y were the only letters allowed.


The emphasis for my poster was 'play'. I wanted to create something a bit different to what I tend to do commercially and have a bit of fun with the execution and production. Having never really drawn ambigrams before, the idea that these letters lent themselves well to one was the inspiration I needed.


An ambigram was a fun concept to develop. Initially developing a more vector-based approach, the final selected route was more tactile and was created using acrylic paint, a brush, multiple runs through a scanner and a printer to add organic textures. Photoshop and Illustrator were used later in the process to build in further textures & gradients. The poster was printed digitally in four colour-ways and exhibited alongside the other submissions in a very successful exhibition.

The emphasis for my poster was 'play'


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