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Situated in the beautiful Devon countryside town of Modbury and not to be confused with the American on-demand media network of the same name, Hulu is an independent craft shop and online retailer specialising in all things sewing and knitting.

With a customer base consisting mainly of ladies aged 40-70, Hulu’s logo needed to be very clear and easy to read – something the current word-mark was struggling to achieve. Founder, Vicky, was keen to remove all traces of illegibility to ensure maximum recognition and impact.


The name ‘Hulu’ comes from a Hawaiian word for wool, meaning the idea of a monoline word-mark was very appropriate. Following my research and ideas generation, I felt there were a couple of routes available. We could continue developing the existing logo, either flowing from a single strand as before or simply creating a unique but more legible signature somehow.

But rather than making the whole name out of a single strand and continuing to risk the readability of the ‘h’ (which was being mistaken for an ‘L’ and read ‘Lulu’), I suggested using that style to create a symbol or mark which could be accompanied by a much cleaner and less ambiguous type style.


The mark I developed took a symmetrical upper-case ‘H’ with strokes that flourished into flowing terminals, resembling the look of a butterfly. I felt that this gave an appropriate association – a butterfly being a fine example of nature’s craft and beauty.

The logo was coloured using pinks, purples and duck-egg blue to represented the effect of a ball of hand dyed yarn with each strand varying in colour from the last.

...not to be confused with the American on-demand media network of the same name...


  • Logo design
  • Stationery

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