Locala Community Partnerships is a Community Interest Company who provide NHS community services to over 400,000 people in Yorkshire.

An opportunity had arisen for them to tender to be the lead provider for a major new community services contract worth a total £285m. Locala were proposing a model called Care Closer to Home where patients and carers were placed at the heart of the system and given a single point of contact – providing consistency, familiarity and high standards across a wide range of different treatment types.


From initial contact, I was required to visually display the proposed model, interpreting a series of Powerpoint slides and client conversations. My job was to combine a complex structure into a clear, easy to present infographic that explained all parts of the proposal in one.

The presentation was created in Prezi and designed with a patient journey in mind, starting with the patient at the centre and moving outwards to explain the range of services that the system provided them.


The existing Locala brand identity provided quirky illustrations of patients and clinicians which were perfect for setting the tone. Bright, bold colours and clear shapes allowed me to show the similarities and contrasts of the two main geographic areas within the model opposite each other.

The infographic was instrumental in explaining the system during the tender and contributed directly to Locala being awarded the prestigious contract as the preferred provider.

The infographic was instrumental in... Locala being awarded the £285m contract as the preferred provider.


  • Creative consultancy
  • Prezi infographic

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