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Macmillan Cancer Support needs no introduction. Focusing on support and information rather than cures, treatment or medical research, they have a clearly defined personality within the cancer charity sector and were once again voted as the number one charity brand in 2013.

Macmillan’s famous green logotype and playful visual identity (conceived and designed by the legendary brand strategy agency Wolf Olins) complements their brand, and keeping that consistent across a huge number of applications was no mean feat.


Following a period of research, the decision was made to update Macmillan’s visual identity to include more people-focused photographs and slightly widen the brand colour palette. The solution was to introduce paint-effect panels into the identity which would allow text (set in their ubiquitous Macmillan Headline font) to be placed over photos in a dynamic and flexible way.

Three sets of Photoshop brush styles were developed (watercolour, acrylic and roller) for use in different circumstances and for different tones of voice, and the three hero greens were given backup in a series of three ‘pop’ and three ‘sensitive’ colours which could add energy and difference to information hierarchies and layouts.


I worked closely with the internal creative team to think through, flesh out and clarify the new brand guidelines document in line with the new identity. As well as designing sample touch points and offering guidance on layouts and content I also created and developed extensive sets of Photoshop brushes and techniques to give their three brush styles more flexibility and a more natural, ‘real’ look.

Since completing this work I have regularly worked with members of the marketing, brand, creative and digital teams to design materials from posters, infographics and construction hoardings to intranet sites and digital presentations.

The solution was to introduce paint-effect panels into the identity...


  • Brand guidelines
  • Posters
  • Advertising
  • Digital presentations
  • Infographics
  • Design for print

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