With its beautifully tactile dust jacket, Just My Type is a delight to pick up and behold, let alone read!

Written by Simon Garfield as a thesis on the history and future of typography it delves into the origins of fonts, from Gutenberg’s 15th century metal punches, through the alphabets of Caslon and Baskerville and all the way through to Gotham – the presidential choice of the 21st century.

Just My Type coverJust My Type (inside pages)

It’s far from being a dry read, with chapters covering subjects including typography in contemporary music, ampersands and the creation of pangrams, as well as titles: ‘Can a font make me popular?’ and ‘Can a font be German, or Jewish?’ And interspersed throughout the book, set between chapters, you find case studies on several of the most popular and intriguing fonts and their histories (Gill Sans, Frutiger, Futura etc.).

The depth of information is captivating – whether you are an expert in fonts already or not. It’s incredibly important, yet underrated, for designers to have a knowledge of the background of the typefaces we now take for granted and understand the context in which they are/have been used and created. I certainly learned a great deal and will be coming back to read it again to help it all sink in. An excellent book.

Just My Type - Deboss Cover Detail
Just My Type - Periodic Table of Typefaces

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