Since Badger produce some of my favourite beers I was genuinely excited to see their recent rebranding/packaging redesign in the supermarket and snapped up a few bottles to photograph then enjoy!

Badger Beers

It’s been obvious for some time that their previous bottle labels, whilst recognisable to regular purchasers, were in dire need of some clarification and consistency. The recent redesign by London based packaging design agency BrandOpus gives a really fresh, bold look to the bottles; adding extra character to the products using consistent layouts and themes.

Badger bottles

Badger logo

Each label revolves around the smart new Badger ‘masthead’ or logo with bold typography linking well with relevant creative illustrations that bring to mind the Dorset countryside. I love the new style, in particular the illustration work on Blandford Flyer (formerly Blandford Fly, an angler’s fishing fly) and Poacher’s Choice (the plume from a poacher’s hat). Interestingly, these two designs utilise a black background with gold foil as opposed to the white backgrounds on the other labels. This is to indicate their status’ as ‘speciality’ rather than ‘session’ beers:

Badger - Blandford Flyer

Badger - Poacher's Choice


“Beyond the core range, the premium Badger ales are represented by countryside pursuits…The use of black and gold colours within the design distinguishes the ales as a discerning choice, perhaps for enjoyment after dinner, rather than a session ale.”

Quoted from article on The Dieline – See full article here.

The use of a dog and it’s lead running through the Tangle Foot label adds wit and cleverly brings what could have been a tough product in line with the rest of the range.

Badger - Tangle Foot and Golden Glory

The charmingly named Fursty Ferret incorporates what is essentially a redrawn version of the previous illustration: four mischievous ferrets draining a barrel. And Golden Champion and Golden Glory – previously very easily confused until you taste them – are differentiated using eagle and horse motifs.

Badger - Fursty Ferret

One of my favourite ever packaging redesigns! What do you think? Which is your favourite?

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