So, happy new year.

Every year I try and look back at the year and forward to the next and every year I’m encouraged that, recession or not, my business is growing, changing, evolving – not just surviving.

What’s gone before

2015 was no different. It’s well known that many businesses fail within their first five years (more than half according to this article from 2014) but as I reached my 5th anniversary of starting the business it was noticeable that I wasn’t, in fact, one of those.

It was a year in which I continued working extensively with Macmillan Cancer Support, one of the UK’s most prominent charity brands as well as other major charities (Breast Cancer Care), ambitious locals (Moorprint, Man for All Seasons), nationals (Locala Community Partnerships) and internationals (Alliance Physical Therapy and Levyx Inc.).

It’s well known that many businesses fail within their first five years…

I built relationships with the talented students of the Design Society at Plymouth University as a guest lecturer and exhibitor (alongside designers I’d consider as influences and even heroes in the industry). I’ve been grateful for ongoing guidance from people of significant experience and expertise, and enjoyed passing on advice of my own to a number of the design students I’ve been able to bring in as interns.

Probably the most significant change last year was the move from my home office to professional studio space – another step towards building the foundations of the business ready for further growth and progress.

What’s ahead

2016 promises much – change, probably (but the exciting, intriguing kind – not the Wayne’s World “We fear change” kind).

I’m beginning the year with projects lined up and plans in place to spread the net further, bringing in more and more ambitious projects (branding, packaging and publishing) as well as continuing to support my existing clients.

I have personal projects in mind and plans to improve the way I manage the administration and marketing of the business. I’ll be continuing to give talks and workshops and writing articles and I’ll be looking to outsource more of the tasks that I struggle with in order to free me up to do the things I’m more effective at.

…bringing in more and more ambitious projects

Arguably the most exciting prospect is seeing how the business could grow. As I mentioned, I have some fantastic resources and people around me who are encouraging me and teaching me as I find my way. I’ve never really had a long term vision for the business before but 2016 feels like the year it starts to become clearer.

It’s an exciting time and I’m looking forward to seeing how it unfolds – both for my own business and for the people who I interact with.


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