Investing in a strong, well-designed identity will (or should) involve a certain amount of fairly intensive business analysis.

You will be forced to give serious consideration to what your business stands for, what it is that makes it different or better, and what its ambitions are for the future.

…this uniqueness will make you more visible.

With this knowledge, a professional designer or studio will be able to clarify the core of your brand (your ‘why’) and the design that follows will reflect that and communicate your message more clearly. As such, you’ll stand out from the crowd visually as well as by the standard of your service.

In a crowded market, this uniqueness will make you more visible. It may even elevate you to the market-leading position if your competitors have neglected this vital part of their strategy. It might simply give you a foothold alongside larger or more established entities, allowing you the chance to vie for their customers’ attention.

Visibility leads to familiarity and familiarity will more often than not lead to sales. Many businesses have old, home-made, poorly designed, confusing or unremarkable logos. They suffer from a lack of consistency in the way they market or portray themselves across every consumer touchpoint. Don’t be another one of those companies.

Be the one that bravely puts their head above the parapet and translates the huge value they offer to their customer into a visual identity befitting such a fantastic organisation.

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